Kentucky beats LSU with a wild finish in overtime

Shayn Roby’s Take: It’s late February, which means Kentucky normally shifts into a different gear no matter how well the Wildcat hoopsters have been performing earlier in the season.

For The Win

No. 18 Kentucky’s game against LSU was one of those games that should make fans very excited for March Madness: The SEC matchup could have pushed LSU onto the brink of the NCAA tournament bubble while for Kentucky it was a chance to avenge a loss to the Tigers earlier this year. The game went into overtime and with 15 seconds left, LSU’s Andre Miller put up a layup to give the Tigers a one-point lead. Then came Kentucky’s Julius Randle who made a jumper to put his team up with less than three seconds to go.

When LSU turned the ball over on its last-ditch effort for another shot, Kentucky won and Randle’s teammates immediately tackled him.

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